Girl’s water polo takes a hard hit but looks to jump back in the season

Glen A. Wilson’s girls’ water polo lost to El Rancho HS with a score of 5-19 on Nov. 15.

The home game brought the two teams together for an exciting first match of the season. Although the final score was not ideal, Captain Emily Alexlrod (11) still appreciates both teams’ effort and sportsmanship.

“[The game] was definitely difficult,” Axelrod said. “We have a lot of new players and the opposing team was well-experienced. Still, I am really proud of our team’s performance and we appreciated the other team’s good sportsmanship.”

Continuing, Samantha Wu (11) sees this match as a learning opportunity for future matches and reflected on aspects of the game that the team can improve on.

“We did not have any substitute players to give us a break or much time to practice, but we persevered through the challenge and did pretty good overall,” Wu said. “For the upcoming matches, I have continued to tell our team to keep working hard and not give up!”

Additionally, Angeline Wibowo (10)  shares what she believes the team learned during this intense match.

“After the first game of our season, we have learned a lot about each other’s playing styles and what we need to improve upon as a team,” Wibowo said. “Our main focuses are to work on our speed, catching, communication and positions.”

Wibowo also speaks on what resulted in Tuesday’s loss.

“Due to our short practice time, we were not able to discuss positions as best as we could, so the newer members had trouble knowing where they should go,” Wibowo said. “Overall, however, we were able to play to the best of our abilities, and that is more important than any score earned in a game.”

Girls’ water polo will next take on West Covina HS at home on Nov. 29.

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