Girls’ water polo falls to Los Altos HS on senior night

On Jan. 19, girls’ water polo lost to Los Altos HS 4-19 on senior night.

Co-captain Allison Wibowo (12) shares some challenges that her team faced during the match.

“We struggled with our defense,” Wibowo said. “Los Altos had strong girls which made it hard to shut them down. We could have done better with more practice and better communication. [At the end of the day], I think we put in all our effort and tried our best, and that is what matters most.”

Looking back, Anett Pajuelo (12) mentions some of the ways that she prepared for the match.

“I prepared for the game by practicing our long passes and drives that allow ball movement during games,” Pajuelo said. “We also run several dry passing drills, which help me when I assist because I am able to efficiently pass the ball to the wing players, who take the [majority of] shots during games.”

In addition, Pajuelo shares the excitement that she has for this year’s junior varsity players.

“I think [the game was] a very good learning experience for our JV players as they prepare to be on varsity next year, especially because almost our entire varsity team is made up of seniors,” Pajuelo said. “Next year, we know the girls will kill it in the water.”

Finally, Aryanna Aguilar (12) adds  her own advice for any upcoming water polo players.

“I would like to tell future players that high school sports are all about learning, discipline and having fun,” Aguilar said. “Even though practices and games must be taken seriously for the betterment of the team, do not forget to bond with your teammates and have a great time. You only experience something like this once in your life, so cherish the memories while you can!”

Girls water polo will continue to train this off-season and strive to bounce back strong next year. 

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