Girls water polo earns first win of the season

On Nov. 27, the Glen A. Wilson HS girls water polo team defeated Don Lugo HS by a score of 19-9.

The Wildcats bounced back from a devastating loss against West Torrance HS and managed to get a huge win in their second preseason game. 

According to head coach Amy Mattson, before Tuesday’s game, the team focused on their communication and skills.

“To prepare for the game, the team practiced game-like situations in a scrimmage to see what needed improvement,” Mattson said. “I wanted the team to focus on communication as well as making their passes and shots. I can offer support and encouragement to the players, but I also want them to give their full effort and be proud of themselves regardless of the results.”

According to Allison Wibowo (12), mindset and determination are everything when it comes to the team’s success.

“We practiced for about 2 hours every day prior to the game and ran different plays to use against our opponent,” Wibowo said. “I believe mindset to be the most important factor to success.  That’s why I try my best to encourage my teammates as best as I can. [For example], when I see someone disappointed at a shot they missed, I try to get them back up on their feet and remind them that they will always have another chance.”

Kayli Khang (12) also expressed how she’s able to remain locked in and how her teammates motivate her during games.

“I stay focused by communicating with my teammates and reminding myself to just have fun,” Khang said. “My teammates always motivate me to play. They are always pushing me to  do better and keep playing my hardest.”

Girls water polo team’s next game will take place against Baldwin Park HS on Dec. 3. 


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