Girls’ volleyball takes on South Hills HS

 Glen A. Wilson’s girls’ volleyball lost to South Hills HS with a score of 0-3 on Oct. 3. 

  Head Coach David Daniel Delgado explains that an injury occurred during the game and that he hopes the girls continue fighting regardless. 

  “Unfortunately, one of the varsity captains picked up an injury and it got in our heads,” Delgado said. “With that being said, I hope the girls will continue to fight on during the [rest of the] season. There are players on the team who will go above and beyond for their teammates and we need to make that example and fight for each other.”

  Additionally, co-captain Kennedy Brown (12) offers how appreciative she was of her team during the game, especially towards co-captain Almar Gonzalez. 

  “I was very proud of my team being able to step up when we were down,” Brown said. “I also want to give a special shout-out to our other captain Almar Gonzalez for sacrificing her shoulder for a big point.”

  Lastly, Crystal Chu (12) reflects on the team’s loss.

  “I plan to learn from the mistakes I made during the game,” Chu said. I also plan to do better in the next [few games as the season ends.]”

  Girls’ volleyball will play Diamond Bar HS at home on Oct. 12.

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