Girls’ volleyball suffers defeat by Nogales HS

By SIMONE YU                                                                                                   
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 On Monday, Aug. 20, girls’ volleyball suffered a defeat to Nogales HS with a score of 17-25.

 According to outside hitter Imani Lee (9), the spirit of the audience greatly influenced the team’s performance.

 “In the first game, our energy was high and the points were tight, because the crowd and bench were cheering.” Lee said. “During the second and third game, people began to grow uninterested, and that’s how our points went down.”

 Given the loss, captain Brianna Gonzales believes there are multiple ways on improving.  

 One method Gonzalez believes the team can improve on is learning to keep consistent, vigorous energy throughout the game.

 “We can work on strategies and cheering each other on, no matter what the scoreboard says. [Another strategy to work on] is to be more aggressive.” Gonzalez stated. “Since there are more underclassmen than upperclassmen- we are still trying to build their confidence.”

 Despite this loss, outside hitter Heidi Tang (10) has determinedly set personal goals for herself and her team.

 “I really want to improve my defense and offense as an outside hitter.” Tang stated. “[As for my team], I believe we can improve our communication on the court.”

 The girls’ next game will be at Bell Gardens HS home next Tuesday.


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