Girl’s volleyball stuns in home opener

The girls volleyball team defeated Basset HS with a score of 3-0 on Aug. 26 in their first non-league game.

The girl’s sweep was greatly attributed to the relentless and powerful spikes of the entire team.

According to team captain Imani Lee (12), the girls worked countless hours to accomplish this win and are looking forward to keeping the win streak going.

“We prepared for the game by practicing two and a half hours every day for five days a week. We always put a lot of effort into each and every rep and each and every practice,” Lee said. “I think we need to focus a lot on minimizing our errors unless other teams will be able to pick up our balls way too easily. We just have to be consistent. I keep reminding them about what the big goal is: getting as good of a record as we can by the end of the regular season.”

Head Coach Landon Sumner explains the team’s process heading into the game, as well as what they focused on during their practices in order to prepare.

“Serving and serve receives. We knew Basset was a weak passing team, so we wanted to target that. Evidently, we accomplished that with 20 aces. All of this [went hand in hand] with focusing on their game responsibilities, and then hyping each other up before the game.”

Additionally, Ernie Jimenez (11) explained what it was like being in the stands.

“It was amazing watching the game from the stands. The atmosphere was amazing. Everyone cheering made the game that much more fun to watch. The energy was through the roof! After the ref gave the final point to Wilson, the crowd went crazy! Everybody was jumping up screaming; you could even feel the stands shaking,” said Jimenez.

The girls volleyball team hopes to continue their winning streak in their upcoming away game against Troy HS on Sept. 2.

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