Girls’ volleyball falls to Bell Gardens HS


  On Tuesday, Sep. 3, girls’ volleyball suffered a loss against Bell Gardens HS with a score of 0-3. 

  Although the girls stood their ground against Bell Gardens, the team ultimately fell prey to their opponents’ strong defense. 

 According to co-captain Imani Lee (10), she is hopeful for the season ahead, as the team still showed strength throughout the game. 

  “Our hits were really good, [and] even though [Bell Gardens’] team made [skilled] passes,  we [got them to] move and dive. We have more potential [and are] just getting started,” Lee said. “We did not play our best [and] the energy was low, [but] we still kept trying.”

  Despite the loss, senior captain Demi Corella (12) maintains a similar positive outlook regarding the team’s performance. 

  “[We played] a pretty rough game, but compared to last year, [I believe] we definitely improved a lot,” Corella said. “We need to work on communication and trusting each other, [because they are both] really important. [Our] next game will definitely [be better], and we can only improve from here.” 

  Overall, player Alisa de la Rosa (10) viewed the team’s loss as a place to grow from.

  “I have seen all the girls [on the team] play better than how we played that day. [The loss] is a good learning point, [especially] before our first upcoming league game,” de la Rosa said. “I hope that our level of intensity increases and [that we can] have more energy [at] [future] games.”

  Volleyball’s next game will take place on Monday, Sep. 9 against Bassett HS.

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