Girls Volleyball: Closing out the season on Senior Night

  The volleyball team has had a good run this season. Unfortunately, very soon it will come to an end.

  In conjunction with the final volleyball game of the season, senior night was also happening! The last game was upon us, so there was a bit of sadness in the air about how the final game of the season was here, especially for one, Jewel Howser. She said how she was excited for senior night, but also a little sad due to it being the last volleyball game of her high school life.

  Others, however, were unaffected by the melancholy in the air. An example of this was Stephanie, who came into this game feeling excited and determined. “I felt mostly excited and determined.” 

  Some were prepared as well as nervous, like Natalie Martinez. She felt excitement with a dash of nervousness because she knew how big of a crowd the combination of senior night and the last game of the season would draw. “I felt excited yet a bit nervous since I knew there was going to be kinda a lot of parents and supporters of the players but I was excited to take on another game.”

  No matter what it is that you do, you must be prepared. Stephanie said she was sure to get lots of sleep the night before and be mentally prepared for the battle ahead. 

  Using a different method to achieve the same results, Natalie used music to prepare herself mentally and get hyped up. At the same time, she spoke words of encouragement to herself and her team.

  These girls have come a long way and are at the end of their high school sports careers. With such a huge chapter ending, it offers a great chance to reflect. Stephanie said that as a player she “could always improve my court communication.” 

  Natalie said that her growth could come from doing more reps to improve her physical ability and that she wishes she had taken some more time to train. 

  Reflection can also lead you to realize your strengths. Stephanie realized she was content with her ability to adapt to and overcome challenges in her games. 

  Throughout the season you build a lot of teamwork and trust, and Natalie was happy that she was able to become reliable and there for her team. “I’m satisfied with the way I was able to be there for my team and for how much I was able to contribute to them as well.”

  The end of the volleyball season has come, and it seems like all of the players had a lot of fun throughout the years playing for the team. 

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