Girls volleyball beats Garey High School in an intense match!

Glen A. Wilson’s girls’ volleyball acquired an amazing win at the home game against Garey HS with a score of 3-1 on Sept. 6.

The intense game went up to 4 sets as our varsity girls continued to obtain success throughout the match. 

Junior co-Captain Katrina Chua (11) played magnificently, gaining impeccable stats. Chua shares the most intense part of the game and a highlight of how she played.

“The most intense part of the game for me was pushing through the game even when we [were] down,” Chua said. “[Nonetheless,] a highlight from the game was definitely getting a save and getting the point right when the score was really close,” Chua said

Moreover, Athlete of the Week and Junior co-Captain Kelly Mei gives insight to the team’s successful outcome of the game, following with how her team prepared to execute it.

“We fought super hard [by going up] to 4 sets and took it all home. Winning this game was such an amazing feeling because it showcased so much of what we can do as a team,” Mei explained.“To prepare for the fight against Garey HS, we did positive affirmations and always had high energy before our games.”

Mei has devoted her time to volleyball since freshman year, joining a club team in sophomore year and now racking up the points in her third season, making a huge impact all-around as a new team captain.

Lastly, Alexis Rodriguez (10) explains how the team performed as a whole and what she wants to improve on in the future.

“I think our team performed outstanding. We all hustled and worked together to take this well deserved win at our home gym. We always put our best onto the court,” Rodriguez explained.. “Each time I play, I always strive to improve and play to the best of my ability. Moving on to our next games, I would like to improve my serving to get more points for our team.” 

Be sure to catch a glance at our girls’ volleyball at their next home game against Los Altos HS on Sep. 12.

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