Girls’ tennis triumphs over Arroyo HS in first round of CIF


    On Wednesday, Nov. 6, girls’ tennis succeeded against Arroyo HS in their first California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) match with a final score of 11-7. 

  The team competed against various teams of the division 4 Valley Vista League before qualifying for the next CIF rounds. 

  According to varsity captain Krisin Sung (12), reflecting on the team’s losses allowed them to develop a more productive attitude.

  “The losses we [took] against Rowland HS were very important to how we grew our motivation and [skills]. Because of the results of that game, we realized that we needed to work harder at practice and take the entire [league] season more seriously,”  Sung said.

  Moreover, varsity double player Mireya Castillo (12) believes the team’s dynamic increases their athletic success and spirit.

  “The time [our team] spends together brings us closer and increases our bond. This allows us to be open and comfortable [with] each other and refine our skills in a productive way,” Castillo said. “By working on our personal relations, our understanding of the game and our teammates on and off the court will improve and lead to a better performance in CIF,” Castillo said. 

  Despite the team’s performance, head coach Jerelyn Lopez believes the team’s mentality hindered their potential. 

  “The team’s negative mindset is [detrimental to] their confidence and leads them to not finish the match well. It builds stress and anxiety out of our players, making them lose their confidence and skill,” Lopez said. “We have a very competitive and hardworking team and if we can lose that mindset, we can [qualify] for CIF championships.” 

  The team will continue to advance on the CIF bracket and and play their second Team CIF game against Norte Vista.

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