Girls’ tennis falls to Rowland HS


  On Monday, Oct. 7, girls’ tennis succumbed to Rowland HS with a score of 8-10.

  Despite the loss, the team plans to continue on improving their performance in order to defeat Rowland in their next encounter.

  According to captain Kristin Sung (12), the team excelled in encouraging camaraderie and will utilize the loss as a learning experience for their future opponents. 

  “Our teamwork and encouragement are [vital during games]. We are really supportive of [one] other and we teach each other so everyone can learn [particular aspects we might be unsure on,]” said Sung. “We hope to use every game as a [lesson] to prepare ourselves for the next one.” 

  Furthermore, captain Arianna Audelo (11) believes the team can develop their skills by emphasizing their mindset.

  “I feel like the team can [improve] on maintaining their focus,” said Audelo. “Once they realize the team is [losing] during a game, they start putting pressure on themselves, [causing] them to overthink and make more errors.

  Overall, coach Jerelyn Lopez is confident in the team’s future and plans to bring them out of their comfort zone. 

  “[Our team is consistent with their shots and performance,” Lopez said. “[To] improve, doubles pairs will [work on] new playing combinations to challenge [each other]. [This will allow] players to explore their strengths and weaknesses alike.”

  Girls’ tennis will compete against San Dimas HS on Monday, Oct. 14.  

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