Girls Tennis Face a Difficult Feat Against Walnut

On Oct. 19, Wilson’s Girls Tennis team had a tough home game against Walnut HS. The team overall lost, with only Emily Ing (12), Celine Zhong (11), and Victoria Lin (11) coming out victorious in their respective matches.

Coach Tsang Lao says that knowing GAWHS senior match was against Walnut they heavily focused on footwork and doubles volleying since that’s what Walnut’s team is skilled in.

Emily Ing (12) explains her focus in preparing her team before each match–despite the difficult outcome of this one–and shares some key takeaways that will impact next week’s practices. 

 “The team prepared for the game by warming up, and coming up with plans in order to play their best,” Ing described. “Some things I noticed is that they tend to not move their feet. I believe improving on this would be helpful for their matches.”

Third year varsity player Celine Zhong (11) elaborates upon how she prepares herself mentally to put her best foot forward in every match she encounters. 

“Before each match, it’s important to have a good mentality, so I usually do some positive self-talk to stay confident and trust myself and my team,” Zhong shared.“Also, I need to drop off everything else from life and school and stay focused once  I step on the court since mentality and mood really affect one’s performance.”

Victoria Lin (11) and Celine Zhong (11) won two out of her three matches and the overall score was seven.


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