Girls tennis defeats St. Lucy’s HS with dominant win

On Sept. 2, girls tennis defeated St. Lucy’s HS by a score of 17-1.

Team Captain Emily Ing (10) discusses her thoughts toward the match.

“I think that we had a great match,” Ing said. “I believe that we played really well and stayed focused on our matchups. We were very supportive and cheered for each other the entire time.”

The team also comes up with strategies to improve plays.

“Personally, I do not usually go by too strategic plans as that causes me to overthink, so I try to keep them really simple or have a vague to no plan at all. I feel like if I have a plan that is extremely specific and structured, I would overthink too much, so I just try to do this: just play calm, aggressive but smart and be confident—basically how I would normally play,”Ing said.

According to Monze Meraz-Lerma (12), the team is planning to condition more to improve their endurance and agility during future matches.

“[As of now,] our team practices for 2 hours every day,” Meraz-Lerma said. “[In order to stay in shape], we typically rally with each other, challenge each other and go through drills that the boys captain sometimes helps us with.”

Team member Victoria Lin (9) shares her thoughts about the game on Thursday.

“I’m pretty satisfied with the results against St. Lucy’s overall because we won 17-1, so we have won all but one match,” Lin says. “Personally, however, I feel like I could have done better because I was already winning 5-0 but lost so many games in a row unnecessarily. At least at 5-4, Emily Ing, our singles 1 player, managed to tell me what I needed to adjust to win the match, and I did indeed win.”

The team will compete in their next competition at Marina HS on Sept. 11.

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