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Girls’ tennis defeats La Serna HS


  On Monday, Sept. 11, Girls’ Tennis defeated La Serna HS with a score of 10-8.

  According to co-captain Michelle Yu (12), the team practiced hard and incorporated many drills and techniques, which led to good performance during the game.

  The team warmed up their cross court, down the line shots, and their serves for the game, which helped them with angling the ball so that the opponent would not be able to reach it and prevented double faulting.

  “The practice allowed us to be more consistent with our shots, and I am really happy that we were able to beat them this year. The team needs to improve on our consistency, and we will be doing that by [practicing] cross court shots and backhand shots,” Yu said.

  Doubles player Cherise Ching (11) felt that her practices with her partner prior to the game contributed to her success during the match against La Serna.

  “I prepared for this game by practicing with my partner, Sarina Liang.  Since we lost to La Serna last year, I was not expecting our team to beat them this year. [However], we were able to beat them in the end, so I was really proud of everyone,” Ching said.

  Overall, Ching set high goals for herself in order to succeed  in the upcoming games.

  “My goal for the next game is for my teammates and I to win all three of our matches. I also [will work hard] so that Sarina and I can maintain a good record,” Ching said.

  Head-coach Lopez hopes for the team to make adjustments so that they can continue their winning streak.

  “We are going to [be establishing] better partners and stronger communication, having people who work well together will be good [for the team]. La Serna was quite fun because they rank their players and have a ranked [singles 1] player like we do,” Lopez said.

  The team’s next game will be next Tuesday against Northview HS at Wilson.


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