Girls’ tennis competes to enter CIFs


 On Oct. 25 and 26, girls’ tennis participated in league preliminaries and finals hosted at the Claremont Club to determine who would advance to California Interscholastic Federation (CIF).

 For this specific competition, coaches seeded players based on their individual records throughout the league season. The first and second place winners from these matches advance to CIF Individuals where they compete as individual players, aside from the team.

 The final outcome consisted of doubles players Sarina Liang (12) and Cherise Ching (12) placing fourth place in the doubles seedings. Additionally, Arianna Audelo (10) placed first place in the singles seedings with an undefeated record of 27-0. Audelo will be advancing to CIF Individuals and playing as an independent player at Whittier Narrows later into the month.

 According to co-captain Cherise Ching (12), Liang and herself performed well, regardless of not making it to CIF.

 “I was disappointed that my partner Sarina and I were not able to make it to CIF, but I am proud of how we played,” Ching said.

 Despite her team’s success, singles player Natalie Wu (9) believed she lacked self-confidence which led to her ultimate downfall in her own match.

 “I mostly lacked self-confidence. [I walked into the match] thinking that I was going to lose because my competitor was strong,” Wu said.

 Advancing to CIF,  co-captain Arianna Audelo (10) agrees that keeping a consistent mindset will help her throughout her matches.

 “Before CIF, I want to focus on having a positive mentality [and having consistency],” Audelo said. “We tend to give up after losing a few games when instead we should be staying optimistic.”

 The team will continue to train for upcoming CIF team competitions by drilling and practicing.

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