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Girls’ softball secures win against Nogales HS

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 On Tuesday, Mar. 6, girls’ softball triumphed over Nogales HS with a final score of 15-5.

 This victory marked the girls’ third consecutive win, after defeating Gladstone and Arroyo HS last week.

 The turning point of the game began at the fifth inning, during which players were able to progressively accomplish five additional scores.

 While head coach Armando Jacquez is pleased with the team’s performance, he believes that there is room for improvement.

 “In the beginning, the girls were flat for about four innings and could not hit. They had to settle down and start focusing before they started hitting well,” Jacquez said. “[Moving forward], we definitely need to improve our team chemistry and communication.”

 Despite the slow start, captain Janelle Meono (11) is proud of her team for bringing home a win.

 “It took us [a while] to finally hit the ball, but once we got into the rhythm of the game, we were golden,” Meono said. “I am proud that the girls gave it their all and never stopped fighting.”

 As the season progresses, player Mia Ayala (10) hopes to better her technique and make personal improvements.

 “I plan to improve my hitting by making better contact with the ball,” Ayala said. “[In addition], I will practice more to increase my batting average.”

 The girls’ next game will be away at Garvey Park against Monrovia HS and Garfield HS on Mar. 10.

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