Girls Soccer open the season with an intense match against Walnut!

  Glen A. Wilson’s Girls Varsity Soccer team played an intense first league game against Walnut HS on Thurs. December 15. The Wildcats fought hard, but came short in a 2-1 score with Walnut taking the win. 

  Senior Captain Dinamarie Barrientos (12) shares how she and her team geared up for the match against Walnut.

“To prepare for the game, we have been practicing every day to perfect different parts of the game. For example, we had a practice that focused on high pressing so that we would nail it in our game,” Barrientos shared. “I personally have been working to become more composed. I have also been changing my mindset as I get nervous before games.”   

  Senior Lauren Sanchez expressed her mindset going into the first league game as well as what she will miss about soccer season once graduation nears.

“I am not worried about anything, I think we are going to have a good game and execute the game plan we have,” Sanchez explained.

“Something I will miss most is the team chemistry. I love going to night practices and laughing with my teammates and just having a good time overall. There is never a day where I do not smile or laugh when I am around them,” she further commented.

  Mindset is the biggest contribution to a game that can make or break the results in the end. Although the team took an unfortunate loss, they still maintained positive mindsets throughout with determination to defeat the Mustangs.

  Lastly, Sophomore Ariana Furlan gave insight to how the preseason helped better the players for the season.

“I feel preseason helped us get into our playing style for the upcoming season,” Furlan explained. “It also helped us a lot in the way of building the community feeling amongst the team.”

  Furlan also shared what the team’s strongest qualities are that helped them stay in the fight.

“One of our strongest qualities is that we are really like one big group of friends. We all get along with each other and have a good community built between us so we are able to have a better connection with each other on and off the field.”

Excited to hone in on their skills before the next league game, the Girls Varsity Soccer Team will carry on this same spirit for the rest of the season.


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