Girls soccer dominated against Diamond Bar High School in league games

Glen A. Wilson’s girls varsity soccer dominated Diamond Bar HS with a score of 1-0 in their league game on Jan. 11. 

Senior co-captain Dinamarie Barrientos shared how proud she was of her team for playing good and advancing the team forward.

“We played extremely well and dominated the game. This game was only the beginning of our 3-win streak,” Barrientos confidently expressed.

In addition, senior co-captain Jewel Howser shared some of the routines and practices that the team typically incorporates into their training in order to prepare for the game and play well.

“We usually work on specific plays and strategies before a game. This time,” Howser explained, “we worked on drills and individual practices in order to make each of us stronger and more prepared to play against stronger players.” 

Finally, sophomore player and mid-player Victoria Ruezga gave insight into what the win meant for her and for the team. 

“This win meant a lot to me and I am very proud of our team as it puts us on a winning streak so far,” Ruezga expressed.

“Beating Diamond Bar gave my team and I the confidence to continue onto CIF. I hope that this win does not make us complacent in our future games and that we continue to play strongly,” Ruezga reflected. 

With a strong winning streak so far, Wilson Girls Soccer are looking to continue their winning streak with their next game against Los Altos HS. 


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