Girls’ soccer defeats Rowland HS

On Jan. 30, girls’ soccer defeated Rowland HS in a stunning victory with a score of  4-2. 

The game started with Rowland scoring first, and Wilson attempting to even the score. By halftime, it was 2-2. As the game pressed on, Wilson managed to break the tie and score another two goals, which encouraged the team to push through and end the game. 

Alyssa Trejo (12) explains a turning point that occurred for her and her team.

“The moment that stood out the most to me was when I was on the defensive end, and my teammate passed me a crazy ball that I was able to control from going out of bounds and continue with an attacking play,” Trejo said.

As a senior, Trejo also recalls other games the team has played against Rowland HS. 

“During prior years against Rowland, it would always go back and forth,” Trejo said. “Sometimes they would win and sometimes we would. This year we beat them twice and it is something I am very proud of.”

Captain Dinamarie Barrientos (11) shares what her team did in days leading up to the game, which included staying motivated and being strategic about their plans. 

“My team and I prepared for this game by having high energy while warming up and discussing what we needed to do in order to succeed and get the win,” Barrientos said. 

Barrientos also includes her final thoughts on the game regarding the final score.

“I am very satisfied,” Barrientos said.  “Our team worked hard and our efforts proved it in the end.”  

Continuing, Lauren Sanchez (11) also shares how she personally prepared for the game, including taking care of her physical and mental state beforehand. 

“I prepared for this game by giving myself positive self-talks throughout the day, and I also tried to eat as healthy as I could,” Sanchez said. 

Sanchez further shares her thoughts on the game, including the team’s success in planning and executing their strategy seamlessly. 

“The game played out the way I wanted it to. We won, and winning is always such a good feeling,” Sanchez said. 

With that, the girls’ soccer season comes to a close, and the team will continue to train for their upcoming season throughout the spring.  

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