Girls’ Soccer Crushes First Preseason Win

Girls’ soccer won their first preseason game at home against West Covina HS with a final score of 2-1 on Nov. 28th. 

Captain Jayln Garibay (12) shares how she and her team prepared both mentally and physically for the game. 

“My team and I talked about what we needed to do and the way we needed to approach the game itself,” Garibay said. “We discussed which plays would work and the correct formation needed to be successful when playing a challenging team.”

According to Garibay, their victory is a result of their efforts and training that started in the summer. 

“Ever since summer camp, we have worked really hard [to build] a strong connection with one another,” Garibay said. “With  each practice, we continue to play with everything we [have] got, fixing any mistakes we have made and learning new concepts that can be implemented into the game.”

Additionally, Captain Dina Barrientos (11) shares how this game prepares her team for league play. 

“These preseason games help us build chemistry with each other and feel more comfortable and confident playing together,” Barrientos said.” “They help us build trust so we are ready for league games.”

Feeling good after this first win, Barrientos is excited by the direction she knows her team is headed. 

“This win shows us as a team that we can make big things happen,” Barrientos said. “The win also provides us with additional motivation and stamina; this is only the first of many.”

Girls soccer will play again on Dec. 2 away against Nogales. 

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