Girls’ Golf takes a loss against Rowland HS

On April 12, girls’ golf lost to Rowland HS with a score of 259-286.

The first match of the season, taking place at the Royal Vista Country Club, did not serve as the start wildcats were looking for. Yet, the team has remained optimistic about continuing to build and compete.

According to captain Myla Romero (12), Monday’s match did not serve as an accurate representation of the team’s potential.

“I am actually very proud of my team and how they all played. Many of our athletes are brand new to golf or have very little experience, but I think that they finished very strong and are learning a lot,” Romero said. “As a captain, I feel obligated to uplift and encourage my teammates to do their best and I am really looking forward to playing more matches with them.”

Head Coach Juan Munoz is also not too concerned about Monday’s loss, and is instead looking forward to the team’s bright future.

“My only senior Myla Romero was able to shoot a 42 on a par 36 course, which is fairly good,” Munoz stated. “But what was even more pleasing was that one of our two freshman Deatrice Sun also shot a 42. [This] tells me that she was playing at the same level as Myla and I think that she was very motivated to keep up with her captain.”

In addition, sophomore Angela Xu believes that in order to build on her game Monday, she must get off to a hotter start.

“One of the main takeaways I had was that I need to work on my drives,” Xu said. “Towards the middle and end of the match they were consistently pretty good but I think that a lack of practice just impacted my first couple tee shots for the worse.”

With that being said, the first match of the season seemed to serve as a refreshing return to some sense of normality.

“Being able to interact with people and play against real competition was really satisfying,” Xu explained. “After such a long period of time not being able to play with my teammates, this match was especially sweet.”

The girls’ golf team next endeavour will be against Walnut HS on both April 19 and 22 at Industry Hills Golf Course.

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