Girls Golf Enters Preliminary Rounds for CIF

Taking the game to the state competition, Glen A. Wilson HS (GAWHS) girls’ golf team takes on the first preliminary match before the official California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) competition.

Hosted at the Santa Anita Golf Course on Oct. 16, this first pre-liminary match was attended by six girls golf teams in the Hacienda League. With six players on each team, 20 out of the 36 players from this first round qualified for the second pre-liminary game.

While school-to-school matches leading up to the pre-liminaries are typically brief nine-hole matches that only took up the afternoon, this pre-liminary round took up the entire day, and required players to complete the full 18-hole course without break. Nevertheless, despite this challenge, co-captain Beatrice Sun (12) enjoyed the game.

“During the game, I managed to get three birdies in a row on the last three holes,” Sun exclaimed. “And three of our players qualified for the second round of preliminary match. I am happy about this!”

One of the three Wilson players who qualified to move onto the second round, co-captain Erin Shin (11) reflects on her experience and shares her plans to prepare for the second match.

“Frankly, even  though I made the cut for the second round, I feel like I could have played better during this match,” Shin explained. “I plan to practice a bit more before the second match.”

In addition to the experiences of senior members of the team, first-year varsity player Lucy Liu (10) shares her first experience of playing a full-course game.

“Playing at the CIF prelims was definitely a learning experience for me since I got to play alongside the best. Although it was a bit nerve-wracking and exhausting with the 18 holes, I think I gained a lot of insight on how to improve in the future and I am glad I got this opportunity [to play],” Liu said. 

Gearing up to the official CIF competitions, players who qualified for the second round of the Hacienda League Preliminary will be playing at the Brookside Golf Course on Oct. 19. Go Wildcats!


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