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Girls’ golf competes in tournament


 On Monday, Oct. 1, girls’ golf competed in a tournament at Recreation Park in Long Beach, CA.

 Despite facing extremely competitive opponents and being in various extenuating circumstances, the girls performed to their utmost ability. Scoring 382 points, the girls did not place in the tournament.

 The twenty-four participating schools were separated into various groups and played on their respective courses.

 According to player Ashley Ko (11), many players found the course exhausting and difficult.

 “Playing all eighteen holes was difficult [because it took] a very long time and [is] mentally and physically strenuous,” Ko said.

 However, captain Lisa Romero (12) believes the team handled the challenge appropriately.

 “When [we arrived at the tournament], everyone was tired [during] the first few holes, but as the day progressed, everyone started [performing] better,” Romero said.

 In the future, Romero and her team plan to practice in a less stressful environment.

 “For the next event, we will [definitely] try playing [eighteen holes] on our own instead of having the pressure of scores and other teams affecting [the] mental aspect of our performance,” Romero said.

 The girls’ next match will be against Glendora HS on Oct. 9.

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