Girls basketball had a difficult match with Rowland

  On Tues. Jan. 16, Glen A. Wilson High School’s Girls Basketball fought a tough match against Rowland High School, scoring 60-47. 

  To prepare for the game, Captain Sam Tung (12) shares how she and her team trained for the game against Rowland. 

“We [the team] watchs film, scout the other team, and create counterattacks after watching their plays”. 

  Tung shares that Rowland HS had a few skilled players that were tough to adapt to, bringing overall moral down. She brings back the morale through “encouraging them with the positive things they’ve done to get their mind off of the negatives.”

  Second year varsity player Kerrie Takesue (10), says that some aspects of the game demanded more effort and skillset.

“The most difficult part about our last game was rebounding. Since we were smaller than the other team, we had trouble boxing out and limiting second-chance opportunities on the defensive end.”

Takesue adds that she typically prepares for each game by listening to music on the bus and discussing with the team the plan for the game. The team huddles are what help get her “in the zone” and assist the team for the game ahead.

  Commenting on the pivoting aspect of what may have led to the loss, Kara Gittisriboongul (10) pinpoints her team’s weakspots/flaws/something along those lines and looks forward to their improvement for the remainder of the season.

“The first quarter is where we lost the game, we let Rowland go on a 23-7 run because we didn’t come out with energy to start,” Gittisriboongul shared. “and weren’t engaged which really hurt us in the end.”

  Despite the lost, the girls basketball team is preparing, training and prepping hard for their next match with Walnut HS on Jan. 18.


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