Girls Basketball comes in with a close win against Santiago High school

Girls’ basketball took home a win against Santiago HS with a score of 61-53 on Dec. 5.

Senior Irania Martinez shares how the team prepared for this week’s win.

“Our team went through our usual routine,” Martinez said. “We watched game film on the other team and then broke down their most predictable moves, so we knew what to look for once the game started. We also made sure to run over our plays beforehand so that everything was fresh in our minds.”

Senior Karen Lee was also very pleased with herself and the team’s overall performance. Lee shares the duties that come along with being a senior and helping the younger teammates find their way.

“Being one of the only seniors on the team, I make sure that the underclassmen understand what is going on throughout the games and practices,” Lee said. “If they do not understand a play, I would explain to them how to do it. I have to make sure everyone takes accountability on everything they do and make sure the team is doing what they are supposed to be contributing and doing. I make sure I lead them to success during practice and off the court.”

Though the odds were not in her favor, Sam Tung (11) still congratulated the girls on their victory.

“A lot of our girls stepped up when we needed them the most,” Tung said. “Their effort was crucial for us winning the game and I am very proud of them for that.”

The Ladycats will conclude this week’s Covina Tournament on Dec. 10. 


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