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Girl group stuns with new comeback

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Girls’ Generation’s latest comeback has left fans wanting a “Lil’ Touch.”

 On Sept. 5, Korean pop (K-pop) girl group Girls’ Generation released their first single, “Lil’ Touch,” since their 10th anniversary. This is also their first comeback as a quintet group after members Sooyoung, Seohyun and Tiffany decided not to renew their contracts with the group’s company, SM Entertainment, last October. The sub-unit’s group name, “Oh! GG” refers to the number 5, “oh,” in Korean, and the “GG” refers to the initials of the group’s name in English.

 Primarily, the sensual single has changed the group’s girl-next-door image, portraying them in a more mature way. Consequently, Oh! GG’s comeback has shown the world that the girls can perform different styles of music, showcasing their talent and potential for many wins on music shows.

 Ultimately, “Lil’ Touch” reflects a more sophisticated outlook on the girls. With its powerful beats, the song is memorable and catches the attention of audiences of various ages and backgrounds.

 “Lil’ Touch” showcases Oh! GG’s broad vocal range, impressing fans with their continuous improvement despite the solo activities the girls have pursued during their one year hiatus. Previously, Girls’ Generation songs exhibited the members’ higher vocal ranges because it suited their girly image more. However, in “Lil’ Touch,” members used their deeper vocals in the song, adding more soul and developing their mature concept. Compared to their debut as Girls’ Generation, three of the four lead vocals are absent, leaving one lead singer in the sub-unit. Even though a majority of their lead vocals are not a part of the subunit, they still manage to execute their talent well, emphasizing the strength of the group.

 Furthermore, the music video displays a medley of variances from their earlier videos. For example, the video shows the quintet seemingly struggling to find a way out of a maze in a mansion, reflecting the eccentric movements in the strong choreography. Much like previous music videos, the dance fits the musicality well, and the girls are in sync with each other, showing that they still have a tight bond. Even as the girls are reaching their 30’s, it is impressive that they can continue to dance to the upbeat rhythms and showcase the sharp and sassy choreography. Essentially, the precise dance moves exhibit their diligence and dedication for their work, allowing the group to try styles outside of their usual forte.

 In  addition, the music video includes lots of concept changes, involving the color themes, clothing style and makeup style. The colors in the music video revolve around neutrals, black and an occasional burst of bright colors. This is seen in the members’ outfits. Its risque quality and unique colors from the color theme contribute to their mature character and aura of classiness.  Moreover, their makeup is darker, reflecting a more sophisticated image. Altogether, these changes are creating a new image of the team, showing that they are on top of their game and can dominate varying styles of music.

 Additionally, the varying tempos and dynamics of the song make the alluring lyrics more prominent. The bold lyrics go hand in hand with the catchy rhythm, creating a more entertaining song. With the catchy rhythm, the bold song lyrics are more prominent and create meaning. For instance, the lyrics include,“I just wanna kiss boy,” followed by softer pulses in the song, creating suspense for the chorus that follows. The strong follow-ups reflect the passionate feel of the song, keeping their listeners engaged throughout the entire song.

 While some believe that the concept change is too provocative, this revision actually highlights the diversity of genres they can fulfill. Rather than being viewed mainly for their beauty, “Lil’ Touch” shows that they should be respected for their impressive vocal talent and dance talent.

 Overall, Girls’ Generation continues to maintain a superb reputation by establishing valuable contributions and revolutionizing the K-pop industry, all while capturing the attention of fans around the world. Oh! GG’s latest comeback demonstrates that the K-pop genre is evolving once again.

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