Get to know your 2022-2023 ASB Historian more!

Filling out the activities section in college applications will not come with much difficulty if you have as much diligence and efficiency as Associative Student Body (ASB) Historian Mikaela Alegre. 

Being productive and organized are only some traits Alegre has mastered over time, devoting much time in her schedule to many other activities as well. As the proud historian of not only ASB, but also Connect, Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) and UNICEF, Mikaela serves proudly in each one while working a part-time job at Sunmerry Bakery and keeping up with the four AP classes she is taking this year–Literature, Statistics, 2D Design, and Psychology. 

Alegre shares how making time for each of these activities is something she has built over these past few years of her high school career. 

“I make a lot of to-do lists to keep myself organized and use google calendar to plan for everything I do,” Alegre said. “And coffee definitely helps me make it through long nights.”

Alegre shares that apart from the energy boost she gets from her favorite coffee order—a white mocha latte–fitting so much into her schedule comes with some sacrifices. 

“[I have] definitely had to sacrifice social media and watching shows…and am not on my phone in comparison to others. [Doing so comes from] understanding that you actually do not need to be on your phone all the time [and] that my efforts now will pay off later,” said Alegre.

However, while Alegre might seem to have it all down, she did not necessarily always be this way. During her sophomore year when Wilson was in distance learning, she had an epiphany of what she could make with the time she was given. 

“Probably during quarantine, my screen time would hit double-digit hours. I remember being on social media and I remember seeing people being productive in their free time at home and changing the world by pursuing their passion projects. It made me rethink how I spend my free time,” Alegre said. “I started to realize I had the opportunity to do something with my time to help me move forward instead of spending it on useless things.”

Some of the biggest things that really elevated Alegre’s high school experience to get her ahead has been taking college classes as a sophomore and junior, so much so that she has about a year of her General Education out of the way before high school graduation. 

Now halfway into her senior year, Alegre reflects on things she wishes she knew as an underclassman. 

“Do not bother doing things just for your college apps; do [things] that you are passionate about because you will burn yourself out if you do not enjoy what you are doing. High school is what you make of it; so if you spend every day being miserable, you will be miserable. Be realistic with what you can and can not do; sometimes you just have to compromise,” exclaimed Alegre. “Do your college apps the summer before your senior year–easily my biggest regret–you can start somewhere, the questions do not change, that is my number one thing.”

But no matter how stressful high school can get, the most important value Mikaela has gained is the relief and escapes relationships give her to make it through each day to day. 

“My best friends, Emily Rodiles and Kennedy Bown and my family are definitely [my biggest support systems]. Having friends helps because they are always just there for me and always listen and give advice.”

While her friends and family make Alegre’s free time extra enjoyable, her high school experience has been shaped and memorably touched by the relationships she has built with Wilson staff over these past four years. 

“Mrs. Young taught me accountability and how to take charge of my own learning and responsibility and Mr. Craft has shown me how to follow my passions and my creative thinking to make my learning applicable to life,” Alegre explains. “Mrs. Branconier’s [involvement at Wilson] has been a great example of how to keep a healthy social, academic, and mental health balance and Mr. Rogan really encouraged me to take charge of my own learning and continue learning outside of the classroom.”

Before graduation, Alegre hopes to put her wholehearted efforts towards leaving an impact as noticeable as possible. 

“[Some things I am most proud of myself for is] honestly just balancing everything, because apart from being in ASB for three years and being in the cabinet for a ton of clubs, I work 20-30 hours a week,” Mikaela reflects. “Elevating ASB’s public relations game has also been [a huge privilege].”

Moving forward, Alegre hopes to attend a University of California school or California State University and double major in Business Administration and International Relations. 

Without a doubt, with her friends, caffeine and Google Calendar to help her along the way, Alegre is sure to thrive wherever she goes. 

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