Get to Know Our Homecoming King and Queen!

Yuu Duffy (12)

How does it feel knowing that you have won the title of Homecoming King?

“It is a privilege to be crowned Homecoming King. [It] makes me proud to know that I get to represent and highlight all the activities I do around the school and the people I work with.”

Was there any part of the homecoming season that you enjoyed the most? If so, why?

“The preparation towards the rally was probably the most enjoyable part. The late nights and early morning practices with the rest of the court to prepare our dance was all worth it in the end.”

In what way did you set yourself up for the voting process?

“I did not really do much to set myself up for the voting process. I just did what I normally do around school and carried myself the way people know me for.”

How does Homecoming Court work?.

“Well, the process in order to get into court is done through the teachers. The teachers vote students onto court [based on] who they see and deem represent the school in the best light. After the court is decided, the king and queen are then voted on by the student body and who they believe carried themselves throughout the week the best around school.”

What sort of expectations did you hold for yourself when you decided to run for homecoming king?

“Some of the expectations I just had was to just have fun and represent the programs associated with my name as best as I could. I really wanted the people watching to see what the court does around school and really get excited to be part of something around campus.”

What was the best part about being king for this year?

“The best parts were the connections I got to make around the campus and the bonds I got to share with the rest of the student body. I spent the first half of Homecoming greeting new kids around campus, and it was cool having people come up to me and letting me know they voted for me since it gave me the sense of feeling that I’m doing a good job of representing and working hard around school.”

Are there any hobbies that you particularly enjoy?

“Some hobbies I have  enjoyed so far are going out late at night, hanging out with friends and spreading joy throughout the school by always checking up on everyone at events making sure they are having a good time. If everyone is having a good time, [then] I am having a good time. I also enjoy meandering around.”

If you could have any pet of your dreams for a day, what would it be and why?

“I think it would be super cool to own something exotic. [Perhaps] something super cute but also super interesting, like a ferret,a sugar glider, or even a raccoon. This would be cool as I think it would be unique and something not very many people have.”

Is there anything else that you are planning to do for your senior year?

“I would love to continue my job as Senior Class President and make awesome events for each month. I also have in my bucket list to participate in Mr. Wilson and hopefully put on another great show for the student body to enjoy and have a good time to remember. I hope to also continue to inspire the future of Wilson and have someone follow in my footsteps.”

Hannah Esguerra (12)

Did you expect to win the title of Homecoming Queen, and what were the reasons behind your expectations?

“I did not expect to win Homecoming Queen. As for me, being on court was all about the experience and having fun with it! The rest of the girls on court were amazing people and I was sure one of them would have won instead.”

How did you prepare yourself for the voting process?

“For the voting process, I just made sure I had fun at the rally and throughout the week to show people who I am and get my name out there to others who may not have known me before.”

How did it feel to be a part of Homecoming Court?

“It was genuinely one of the best experiences [I’ve had] and I am very glad I was a part of it. Everyone on court was super sweet and it was cool to be a part of something like this! It’s definitely a memory that I will cherish forever!”

What made you want to run for Homecoming Queen in the first place?

“I thought it would be fun to be on court as in previous years. I saw how much court was involved and how much they did for homecoming! I also really wanted to ride in one of the Corvettes for the halftime show!”

What do you think was the best part of the homecoming season? Why is that?

“The best part of Homecoming season for me is for sure seeing the proposals! It is so fun and cute to see the creativity people put into asking their significant other or friends to the dance.”

What kind of advice would you give to students who want to run for homecoming king and queen in the future?

“If you are nominated, have fun with the entire process. Be yourself and show everyone who you are and what you are really like! You only get this experience once in your life, so make the most of it!”

What are you like both inside and outside of school?

“I would say that I am pretty similar inside and outside of school. A solid mix of extroverted and introverted is how I would describe myself. I have spontaneous bursts of energy yet also have random times where I just need a nap. I always make sure I never take anything I am given for granted and experience life to my best ability.”

If you could go back in time and change one part of your past, what time would you go to and why?

“I would probably go back to sophomore year where I was more shy and reserved, as it was the year coming back after Covid. I wish I could go back and be more outgoing, putting myself out there more instead of being so timid. I feel as if I would’ve had many more opportunities to have fun and get involved at school.”

What else are you aspiring to do for your final year at Wilson?

“For my last year at Wilson, I am hoping to make the most of it and create everlasting memories with everyone. I’m planning on staying busy with things I will only get to ever get to do in high school such as: sideline cheer, basketball season, stunt season, ASB, and all the senior events. I will hopefully get the chance to bond and get closer with more people this year before we all go our separate ways next year!”

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