Get Out of Country Free Card

Unsurprisingly, people are taking advantage of the vaccine cards. They scam people by copy-pasting from others on social media.

People are making copies of the cards posted online and selling them on the dark web. That way people can just buy a certification online and not actually have to take the vaccine itself.

A number of people have started to post pictures of their cards online, sort of like a trophy. The reasons vary greatly, but the thing is, since the cards themselves are only given out by medical professionals at the vaccination sites, they are extremely rare as only a select few can get them at a time.

So what needs to happen, is that vaccine centers should make it more clear not to post medical info online. Along with telling vaccinated people to be more careful about their status.

Due to the public release of the COVID vaccine, people have been flocking to any hospital they can for a piece of that secondary passport. What essentially happens is that once a person has been vaccinated, they are given a physical card as proof that they have done so. They then can use the card for anything that they might want to do, things such as travel, going to restaurants or even getting clearances to work.

The problem is, a lot of people are being irresponsible about their medical documentation. The reason as to why some people would want to purchase these can only be up to speculations. The most logical reason is that they just do not want to get a shot. They might not believe in the value of vaccines, or that they may be scared of the possible side effects of the COVID vaccine. It is understandable why these people might be afraid of the vaccines. Vaccine in its entirety is just essentially a watered-down version of the virus meant to build up the body’s natural defense system.

Another reason behind the purchases may just be that the person somehow was unable to get the vaccine themselves. COVID vaccines are now open to the public, but that does not mean that people can just get them whenever and wherever they want. There is a process to these things, finding the right hospital and scheduling an appointment are all things people need to do before one can be administered a shot.

With that being said, however, none of the reasons above can justify trying to fabricate or purchase fake vaccine cards. It is not in the best interest of anybody to do something that potentially gets them in jail. In some areas, the very act of buying or selling these fake vaccine cards can be considered a crime. No matter how much one pleads in front of a judge or a jury a crime is a crime. Especially ones surrounding circumstances around faking or possessing forged official documents.

With such a high chance of imprisonment, one might ask, how are they still around? That is the thing, punishments only occur if they are caught in the crime, The only reason why a lot of these fakes are still around the dark is that they are hard to track. Unlike passports or driver’s licenses, the cards are hard to verify as they are relatively new with no countermeasures in place to ensure authenticity. Additionally, due to the simplicity of the card design, it is very easy and simple to reproduce them in high quantities. So, with them being easily accessible online and hard to verify, pretty much anyone can just use these to go anywhere they want. Now for a cheap price of around $150-200, anyone can bypass all of the legal stuff and head straight into vacation out of the country.

Ultimately a few questions remain, namely, why should others care about this situation? At the end of the day, no matter how insignificant it seems it is still private information that may be leaked online. Not everyone knows what can be used against them and what can be exploited. It is the same principle of how people do not openly flex their bank account or social security numbers, just because someone can do not mean that they should. The best course of action is just not doing anything, why bother risking private information and just saying it would have the same effect?

Going back to why buying fake vaccine cards is ridiculous, outside of the law stuff, it is actually really impractical to do so. Sure the vaccine may be scary, but at this moment it is no longer just a matter of opinion. Same things with masks, the COVID vaccine is designed to specifically help an individual and those around them stay safe. Moreover, why even bother buying something so dangerous online, when it is publicly available for free? The whole notion of these fake cards is like buying spoiled milk, except the milk contains highly illegal substances. There are only downsides to these transactions, the only ones profiting are the scammers that took advantage of others’ beliefs.

Needless to say, it is definitely wrong to buy fake COVID cards, as not only they are illegal but also they are not really worth it. It is said that people would for these scams, but what is even sadder is how many have helped these scammers without realizing it. The point is, do not put personal information online. Not only can leaking private information hurt the person but it will also harm pretty much anyone around them; even someone who may be completely unrelated. Be wise, be careful and most of all be sure to do your due diligence by wearing a mask.

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