Gen.she: An Older Sister for Gen Z Women

  “A new wave of leaders has arrived, and they are Gen Z women.”

  Gen.she, a company founded by Avni Barman for Gen Z women coming into the tech industry, has many different resources including job opportunities and conferences for anything ranging from  tech to marketing. They also have 96 chapters globally in the Philippines, Nigeria, Africa, Singapore, India and all across the United States. 

  Barman started Gen.she after she worked in various tech companies and realized the lack of women, diversity, and opportunities. She references in a TEDx Talk in her interview with the VoyageLa, by Reshma Saujani who pointed out the difference in between how boys and girls are raised – boys are brave, girls are perfect. This causes women to be less likely to go into business, but Gen.she (formerly generation.she) was born to combat that. Barman wants to build the next generation of women leaders. 

  In August 2023, Gen.she added to their already vast resources and education opportunities – podcasts weekly. Gen Z is in love with podcasts, and in the last five years, the rate of podcast listeners have grown over to approximately 24 million listeners

  Gen.she podcast has currently over twenty podcasts featuring other successful gen z women like the founder and CEO of “Breezi” Lillie Sun

  The podcasts talks about everything from careers, side hustles, relationships, and everything in between through the lived experiences of the coolest women in tech, entrepreneurship, and media. 

  The first episode starts with Alex Schudy, whose a Product Marketing Manager at SoFi. The podcast dives deep into how Schudy gets into the field starting with her first internship to eventually working  and who she is now as a content creator and worker. 

  They also open the dialogue up about being a woman in the workplace – and the harsh realities that come with it, especially being in the tech industry.  

  For women in the tech industry, it’s extremely difficult to have similiar opportunities as their male counterparts. 

Women in tech face a number of disadvantages as they only occupy 43% of entry level jobs and that representation only declines as you get into a higher executive position with only 30% of women being in a C-level position according to a 2023 Women in the Workplace study done by McKinsey. The study surveyed over 276 organizations and over 27,000 employees in these organizations. 

  I asked Barman if she’d recommend any podcast episode to new listeners and she said her most recent episode, “It’s Not That Deep: Answering Your Career Crisis”. 

In this solo podcast episode she starts off by sharing a bit about her guilt – leaving the tech industry and a dream tech job, where her coworkers and bosses were awesome. She left it for the dream to make an impact on the world, an impact that has and will continue to make for a very long timecontinue. 

  During this episode, she reads ten questions and answers them with comforting advice. She lets listeners know that if they are going through that situation that it’s okay, they aren’t alone. 

  Even as a high school student, there are so many takeaways. Some things may not apply directly to high schoolers but the advice she offers works in so many other aspects of everyday life.

  “I want you to know that you can find other support systems outside of your family – through friends, through partners, through other founders especially.” 

  This key of advice is beautiful in any endeavor you make, business or not. 

Gen.she is making strides in helping and inspiring young women with the surplus of resources and love. 

 To me – to a lot of other young Gen Z women, Avni is our older sister. Shes here for us in all the strides and accomplishments we make from here on out. Thank you older sis Avni. 


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