Gawtham Gala: A Homecoming For the Books

  Glen A. Wilson High School hosted a magical night of bliss on Sep. 23. The GAWtham Gala, this year’s homecoming theme, was a fun twist on the popular city, Gotham, in the D.C. franchise which is heavily featured in Batman. 

  The dance included many activities within the Wilson campus to enjoy, including many photo opportunities and photo booths, a raffle that allowed the winners to enjoy a small prize, Afters ice cream, and multiple game tables, although the most popular attraction was definitely the dance floor. Wilson students heavily enjoyed the effort that ASB put into this year’s homecoming with an abundance of positive feedback.

  Senior Gabby Hsieh shares some of her favorite parts about this year’s homecoming. 

  “I like taking pictures with the props and hanging out with the people I love, which made some good memories.” 

  Hsieh additionally added how she felt about this year’s setup compared to last year. 

  “It was better this year because last year it was indoors. It was too stuffy and there was no place to go besides the gymnasium.” 

  Junior Josephine Tsai also explained how the spirit week got her ready for the event and the leading up to it.

  “I participated almost every day of the spirit week and it was so exciting. My favorite day was bringing a sidekick to school, where you were able to bring a stuffed animal.”

  “Leading up to homecoming, I had color guard rehearsal in the morning and as soon as I came back, I got straight into dressing up for homecoming!” Tsai said

  Lastly, Sophomore Alanna Orozco shared some of the most enjoyable parts of homecoming along with her opinions if it was worth the money, a topic that has been controversial surrounding the event.

  “I definitely enjoyed dancing the most at this year’s homecoming. It was exciting to take pictures with my friends at the various photo ops that were set up.”

  “I do think that homecoming is worth the price because it is a night where you get to just dress up and make memories with your friends.” Orozco added

  GAWtham Gala was a hit amongst our Wilson students. The night was filled with bliss and became a major success by the end of the night. 

  More to come from ASB soon!


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