GAWtham City Spirit week hypes students up for Homecoming This Weekend!

With homecoming (HOCO) coming up this Saturday, Glen A. Wilson students prepare for the first school dance of the year with a spirit week!

This Homecoming Spirit Week consisted of GAWtham City themed spirit ideas. Monday was “Madness Monday” we’re students came to school dressed in capes and superhero merch!  Tuesday was “Anything But A Bat-Pack” day where students “wore” anything but a backpack such as a….lawnmower? Wednesday was “Wingman Wednesday ” where students brought their favorite stuffed animal. Thursday was “Timeline Thursday ” where underclassmen dressed as babies and Upperclassmen dressed as Senior citizens. To end the spirit week, Friday was “Fear Friday” where students wore all black at the Hoco Rally!

Spirit days are carefully curated and designed for the student body.

“It gives something for everyone [in the student body] to look forward to, so there’s excitement with friends and groups, and it brings people together which is what Homecoming is about,” Mrs. Branconier explains.

Bradley Co (12) our ASB President, says that the best part of HOCO is when it all comes together and they get to sit back and see it all come together.

Co says that “with ASB we typically leave our spirit day ideas to be created by our hard working Activities commissioner group. Giving a personal shoutout, our activities head Katharine created most of the spirit days we have this week, although we did make some modifications when we reviewed it as a whole with all of ASB.”

ASB curates a multitude of spirit ideas to match the event! They plan these months in advance and stay current with trends as well!

“I participated in the Wingman Wednesday, as it was the easiest to do. I [brought] a One Piece character, Chopper. He was just on my backpack flinging around.” Alex Situ (12)

The most participated Spirit day with over 400 students was Wingman Wednesday, where we got to see the whole student bodies little stuffies! Over 200 students each day participated in spirit points that get collected at the end of the year to win the battle of the class at the end of the year! 

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