GAWHS Voices of Wilson Program Holds Their Fall Choir Concert

  On Wednesday, Oct. 18, Glen A. Wilson’s Voices of Wilson (V.O.W) Choral program held their second concert of the year: the Fall Choir Concert. This year, the theme was “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

  To begin the show, Mr. Brown, the director of the V.O.W program, led the entire choir to sing the first song, which was “Sebben Crudele.” Then, he proceeded to have each section of the choir perform for the audience. The first two groups, Rhythm and Harmony, sang three songs each, while Sorelle sang four and Aria performed five. Rhythm went up on stage first. Harmony came next, with one of their songs being “When You Wish Upon A Star.” Sorelle was the third section to come up to the stage. To finalize the section performances, Aria’s fourth song was, of course, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”  For the finale, the entire choir came together once more to sing “Blackbird,” with soloist Gordon Lu being the main man for the performance.

  To end the amazing performances, V.O.W held onto the tradition of giving Mr. Brown and Ms. Catherine (the pianist) flowers and thanked them for preparing the students well and making the program enjoyable for everyone.

  With regards to preparation, Mr. Brown explains how he prepares everyone for the concert.

  “In the summer, I choose music that I feel would be appropriate for the choir and I practice at home to make sure I know all the notes, all the letters so I can teach the students the best I can. And each day, we just practice really hard,” Brown elaborates. “Ms. Catherine and I, we talk all the time about what we want to do about the music and about the overall themes and how we want to show this to the students, so…it’s like a three month process.”

  Managing one’s time was also an important part of making sure to perform well, and second-year choir student Katie Yi (10) describes how she does exactly that. 

  “It depends on how much homework I have, and I take my music home with me during the weekends if I ever need to. For most of it, everything is prepared in class.” Yi replies.

  Finally, first-year student Catherine Kim (9), voices out how she felt about being in a part of the entire performance.

  “It felt really great but a little sad as this is one of the last for the seniors.. However, I am excited for more concerts because we have a lot more concerts coming up,” Kim says.

  The choral program’s next performance will be the Winter Concert. Let us hope that it will be as good as the Fall Concert!

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