GAWHS Voices of Wilson Holds Their Annual Love Songs Concert

 On Feb. 13 and 14, Glen A. Wilson High School’s (GAWHS) Voices of Wilson (VOW) program held their annual Love Songs Concert in the Little Theatre.

  The set list included songs like “Heather,” “Selfish,” “Stop! In the Name of Love” and “La Vie En Rose” to cover the stages of love in relationships through performances by soloists, duets, and trios. Rhythm, Harmony, Sorelle, and Aria were also highlighted in group performances.

  Choir director Mr. DeJohn Brown talked about the sensations he felt while seeing the show he planned come to life in front of him, crediting his students for the work they put in.

  “I was very, very happy because one of my favorite things to do is empower the students to make these types of shows come to life,” Brown explains. “I had the guidelines and the different things they were supposed to do, but they are the ones who took the reins and made everything happen. Under the leadership of Gordon Lu, our president, and a lot of others, we had a really good concert because the students were the ones that put it together, and I just made sure that things were running well.”

  Aria singer Lakshmi Arya (10) reflects on her experience performing on stage as a part of a duet rather than being in a group.

  “For the concert, I was really nervous because I have stage fright, but I was really excited and happy [at the same time],” Arya replies. “It was a great experience for me.”

  Finally, concert viewer Kyle Tsujimoto (10) expresses his favorite part of the show and what made it so special.

  “[It is] Probably the group performances, specifically the one at the end when all the groups come together,” Tsujimoto comments. “I find it really nice how they all get together and harmonize with one another.”

  The VOW program will have its Spring Concert on Mar. 12.

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