GAWHS Theater Welcomes Spring with Dramaflix Performance

On Mar. 20 and 21, Glen A. Wilson High School (GAWHS) Intermediate Drama class brings families together for an evening wind-down with Dramaflix performance.

Bringing well-known television scenes onto the stage of live theater, GAWHS intermediate drama students performed scenes ranging from American TV classics such as Friends and Mean Girls to trending audience’s favorites such as Barbie. The creative and engaging stage performance of iconic TV moments was met with laughs and applause, fueling the audience with well-needed midweek entertainment to push toward the weekend.

Audience member and GAWHS International Baccalaureate (IB) Theater student Baihe Jin (12) shares her favorite moment from the performance.

“My highlight moment was definitely the CPR scene from The Office. I thought it was a great replication of the classic TV show,” Jin commented “It was my favorite moment from the performance! And overall, I am proud of my peers in Intermediate drama for this wonderful performance.”

A similar sentiment was shared by another audience member and GAWHS Advanced Drama student Sydney Buck (12).

“The show opened and closed with scenes from [the movie] Barbie and those two scenes were my favorite moments from the show,” Buck expressed. “It was an enjoyable performance.”

Moreover, GAWHS principal Dr. Kenfield congratulates GAWHS theater students on their successful performance.

“I really enjoyed the performance and appreciated all the work that the [theater] students and [theater teacher] Ms. Weaver put into this performance,” Dr. Kenfield said. “I saw a different side of the students who performed on stage, they were articulate, funny, believable in their performance. The students seemed to enjoy performing and working with each other, I really hope they continue in the theater program!”

Drawing in the curtains with another performance for the books, GAWHS theater looks forward to making more memories with their audience as spring approaches. For upcoming shows and events, follow @gawhstheatre on Instgram to stay updated!

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