Future Business Leaders of America members further knowledge at Officer Advisor Training Day

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) attended officer advisor training (OAT) day virtually on Saturday, Sept. 26th.

On OAT day, hundreds of cabinet members from the Southern Section of FBLA come together to prepare for a new year. Through OAT Day, students can improve their club through the training and help they receive. FBLA is a student-led organization that helps students prepare themselves for the future through competitions, leadership conferences, community service opportunities and more.

According to secretary junior Karsten Ma, he hoped to learn more about his position and how to better contribute to the club.

“[As a first year cabinet member], I was able to find new ways to [improve] FBLA and fulfill my position [as secretary],” Ma said. “I was able to expand my horizons and learn more information about the organization.”

Additionally, treasurer sophomore Sandra Pan looks forward to participating in FBLA even though certain events are online.

“[OAT Day] was a great opportunity to understand more about how FBLA runs in terms of leadership, and I am [enthusiastic] to apply to other positions in the future,” Pan said.

Lastly, historian junior Serena Yang believes that attending events like OAT Day helps teach others to socialize.

“One skill people can learn is not being afraid to talk to people. I think this applies not only to FBLA but other clubs [as well], you’re going to learn how to talk to people [without] being afraid to either ask for help or just to socialize to just create relationships,” Yang said.

FBLA’s next event is the Leadership Development Institute from Nov. 14-15.

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