Football falls to Pioneer HS


  On Sep. 14, the football team suffered a loss to Pioneer HS with a score of 8-41.  

 According to Head Coach Salvador Ortiz,  careless errors led to the unsatisfactory outcome.   

 “Many communication mistakes that the players made started to add up so there were no [efficient] executions,” Ortiz said.  

  Furthermore, co-captain Nicolas Quiroz (12) hopes to improve on team chemistry to achieve their aspiration of defeating their league.

 “Some goals that we have for the year is to focus on being one unit because that is what football is all about. This will hopefully allow us to reach our dream of winning league.” Quiroz said.

  Despite the loss, linebacker and receiver Nick Barrera (12) believes that players excelled in teamwork from the start to the end of the game.

 “Some positive aspects of the game were that we worked as a team at the beginning and end of the game, [even though] my teammates lost confidence while we were playing,” Barrera said.

 Barrera experienced playing football at different schools and says the Wilson team ultimately shaped him into a better player.

 “Playing for Wilson is different from [playing for] Los Altos because the environment at Wilson is more positive,” Barrera said. “The encouragement from [players and coaches] allows me to be confident while I am on the field.”

 The next football game will be home against Northview HS on Sep. 28.

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