Football and Cheer Class of 2024 Share Their Thoughts on Senior Night Celebration

Hannah Esguerra (12)

As a senior, what will you miss most about cheer?

“As a senior, the thing I will miss most about cheer will be the team. The environment and memories we have all created together is something that is genuinely special to me.”

What has been a highlight for you since being in the program?

“A highlight for me since being in the program has to be being two time league champions for stunt.”

Describe your senior year so far in one word. Elaborate

“If I could describe my senior year in one word I would describe it as surreal. The year seems to be going by insanely fast and sometimes I cannot wrap my head around all the different events and things that have already happened this year. It does not feel real at times.”

How did cheer’s senior night go for you personally?

“For me personally, senior night was very fun. All of the festivities planned by our coaches and cheer parents made the night very special and unforgettable.”

What was your favorite part about the night?

“My favorite part about the night was seeing our coach (Coach Angie) do a line of back handsprings during the game.”

Did you feel any nostalgia during the game and celebration?

“Yes, I felt a little bit of nostalgia towards the end of the game as this was my first and last year of doing sideline cheer. I wish it was something I did throughout all my years of highschool.”

Katherine Rovira (12)

What was the most memorable detail about your senior night?

“The most memorable detail about my senior night would be cheering with my teammates at a home game for one last time.”

How did you feel about the Montclair game being your last home football game of your senior year?

“It is a bittersweet feeling since it signifies the end of the sideline season but the beginning of our stunt season.”

What is your favorite memory from the cheer program over the years?

“My favorite memory from the cheer program over the years would be attending CBU’s overnight cheer camp with my teammates for one last time.

What are some things you look forward to as your senior year progresses?

“Things I look forward to as my senior year progresses would definitely be our stunt games and knowing what my future holds in regards to what college I will be attending.”

How were your emotions during the senior night?

“Throughout the game I had lots of excitement since the game ended up going into overtime and it was nice to end our last home game with a win.”

Once highschool ends, do you plan on keeping cheer in your life?

“Although I have not come to a final decision I have definitely kept my options open when considering continuing stunt after High School. My coaches have helped me get in contact with college coaches and opportunities to learn from current collegiate athletes!”

Cecilia Benavides (12)

What stuck out to you the most during the senior night?

“What stuck out to me the most was all our friends and family members who attended the ceremony and the game.”

How does it feel knowing that this is your last year of cheer?

“I still have mixed emotions because our cheer season is still not over but I will for sure miss my cheer sisters and my coaches.”

What is something people may not know about the program?

“People do not know that we are 2 year District Champions for Stunt. Besides winning 2 years in a row, people do not realize what a great program our cheer team is a part of.  Our cheer program is directed by an amazing Director, Coach Denee. I have been blessed to have had coach Denee as my coach since middle school. We also have 3 amazing coaches, Coach Angie, Coach Ashley & Coach Victoria. Every single coach has provided us with guidance and support.They inspire us and teach us to be great athletes and to also be great students.”

Was it ever hard to maintain good grades while being in cheer?

“I can not speak for everyone else, but I have had a few challenges here and there but with support from teachers, counselors, and friends, I have been able to keep my grades up.”

Since it is an all year round sport, what do you look forward to the most as the season progresses?

“There are so many things that I look forward to during our season. We have worked so hard on new cheers for Basketball season and new routines for our Stunt season, most of all spending time with my cheer sisters.”

Who inspires you the most in the cheer community? Why?

“Coach Angie inspires me because she motivates me and helps me improve in so many areas of cheer/stunt. She has so much talent herself and inspires me because she is on the Stunt team for Hope International University!”

Evelyn Kim (12)

What is the best thing about cheer for you personally?

“The best thing about cheer for me personally would be the sense of community and the bonds I have formed with my teammates. Some of whom I consider my closest friends.”

What is a piece of advice you would give to any of the underclassmen who are looking to join cheer in the future?

“I would tell the underclassmen to join cheer with an open mind. Cheer is a lot different from what a lot of people expect, so be ready to embrace new challenges and experiences.”

Is there anything you are starting to realize that you will miss about cheer after you graduate?

““Something I will definitely miss is how much time I will naturally spend around my closest friends and STUNTING!!! I love that cheer takes up so much of my time because it feels like a sport and a hangout with my friends. Stunting is just something I have learned to love throughout the years and it is probably my favorite part of cheer.”

What was senior night like for you personally?

“Personally, senior night was a night that made me realize that everything I am experiencing this school year will be the last.”

What is something you plan on doing right after high school?

“Something I plan on doing right after high school involves spending a bunch of time during summer with friends that might go to far schools.”

Ryan Monzon (12)

What was a highlight of the night for you during senior night?

“The highlight of senior night was for sure our overtime win. We fought hard all night and it paid off.”

How do you feel about our football team’s success this year?

“Our success this year really proved everyone wrong. Everyone wrote us off as the same old Glen A. Wilson, but we put ourselves on the map.”

Who did you enjoy seeing the most at senior night? Why?

“I really enjoyed seeing my fellow seniors with their families before the game. Parents are the support that allows us to go out and play the sport we love and I could not appreciate them more.”

What will you miss most about football once you leave high school?

“I will miss the brotherhood our football team has together. I have been good friends with most of the guys since middle and elementary school. Not being able to share the field with them any longer will be the hardest part of leaving high school football.”

Describe your senior year season so far in one word. Elaborate

Proved. We proved a lot of people wrong. We knew all that hard work would pay off, we just had to keep our heads down and keep going forward.”

What do you look forward to the most after high school?

“I am looking forward to new adventures. After high school I will get to meet a lot of new people in school, work, and many other aspects of life. I will get to go to new places and see new things I never had the time to do while I was at school. A clean slate.”

Anthony Morales (12)

What has been the best part of the season so far for you?

“The best part of the season has been the game against Montclair high School that we won which took us to the playoffs.”

What was the most memorable part of the senior night?

“The most memorable part was being able to walk down the red carpet with my family.”

What will you miss the most about football, once you graduate?

“I will miss the bonds that were created with my teammates.”

Do you plan on playing football after high school?

“No, I do not plan on playing after high school.”

How do you feel about football’s success this year?

“Football’s success this year has been over the top because we had previously gone 1-9 last year.”

How does it feel that this is your last highschool football season?

“It feels strange because I have been doing this for four years now and I am not going to have another season.”

William Galvez (12)

What do you look forward to as varsity advances to CIF?

“I look forward to making history with this team. As everyone knows, Glen A. Wilson has not made it this far for a very long time. So, we all want to take this opportunity as a blessing and advance to the next level together as a family.”

What has been by far the best thing about this season?

“The best thing about this season is the chemistry we have with each other and making history for Glen A. Wilson as we have progressively been getting better and winning games.”

Do you plan on pursuing football after high school?

“My dreams were to play football after highschool but I am going to just keep it a dream. I want to pursue my dream career which is being a respiratory therapist.”

How was the senior night for you personally?

“Senior night was amazing. It honestly felt like a dream because it was so surreal. A night I will not ever forget.”

What did you look forward to the most going into the senior night?

“I looked forward to seeing my family proud and having my brothers there with me. It was all love and I was all for it.”

What is a piece of advice you would give to the underclassman about progressing in football?

“A piece of advice I would give to an underclassmen would be to keep on going. Even how hard it gets or how tired you are, at the end it will all be worth it and you can proudly say that you feel accomplished. Also, remember that many wish they could be in your position and experience what you are going through with football.”

Miguel Hernandez (12)

What are your thoughts on this year’s successful season?

“So far I am very proud of our success this season.”

What do you think has been the biggest attribute to the team’s success this year?

“The biggest attribute that brought us to where we are now would be how we picked each other up when someone made a mistake.”

How did it feel to be celebrated at senior night?

“It felt great getting to celebrate it with other seniors that also worked hard to get to this point.”

What was the best part of the night for you?

“The best part for me would be when I got to eat Raising Canes after the games.”

Did you feel like the senior night celebration contributed to your win against your competitor?

“Yes, I feel like the senior night celebration contributed to our win against Montclair high school.”

How long have you been playing football and how have you improved since then?

“I have been playing football all four years of high school and I have improved a lot since freshman year.”


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