Fear the prophet

  “May thy knife chip and shatter.”

  Dune: Part Two was released on March 1, 2024. In just the first weekend of its theatrical release, it garnered $81.5 million. The movie has been given a consistent 10/10 and is being hailed as a masterpiece. Denis Villeneuve,  Dune: Part One and Dune: Part Two and is continuing his work on his Dune trilogy.

  Everyone saying this movie is a masterpiece is right. The movie is the perfect example of how to do a sequel. It advances all the plot points from the first part, brings up new characters in a straightforward fashion, and builds on the planet of Arrakis from the very beginning. Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya did such wonderful jobs portraying their characters and making them believable people. They all have their own motivations and feelings and it brings a new layer to the movie that only the actors can bring out from a script.

  The story follows Paul Atreides after the first movie’s events, with him and his companions moving further into the desert to learn the ways of the Fremen. 

  The movie has such a way of mesmerizing you with the beautiful visuals, the strong characters, and the world. The film has highs and lows. Strong action and calm character interactions.

  The score, like the first part, was handled by Hans Zimmerman. He did such a fantastic job where even when you might not be listening to the music specifically, you still hear it and remember it. It does such an amazing job of fleshing out and breathing more life into the scene that the specific piece is applied to.

  The movie has such a strong message about power. Paul Atreides starts off as a (mostly) average person, living his life. After everything changes, he becomes something of a prophet to the people of Arrakis. He learns their ways in a fit to survive and, in doing so, garners a reputation as a sort of ‘coming savior.’ The message really helps to put things about our own society in perspective and helps us think about how we and others we might know change when they have the upper hand. The movie shows him and his mother slowly changing and becoming more logical and less emotional the more power they begin to get a hold of. During the events of the movie, right before the climax, there is one scene in particular that helps push Paul ever so close to the edge. The best thing about this scene is that the writers made it obvious. It shows that you might not change slowly or over time, that all it might take is one decision. The thing about the scene is that everything is prophesied since before the first movie’s events and it helps to add another layer of intrigue with the question of whether the decisions Paul made led him here or if he got to this point because it was foretold. 

  The future of the Dune trilogy looks bright. The first movie was a big hit at the box office, and some people are going as far as to say that Dune: Part Two has changed cinema. Factors like high scores from critics, amazing reviews from audiences, and big ticket sales mean that Dune: Messiah is almost entirely certain.

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