FBLA attends training to expand its horizons


  FBLA hosted an Officer and Advisor Training (OAT) day   at Yorba Linda High school on Saturday, Sept. 28. 

  Here, cabinet members attended conference meetings and seminars with guest speakers to gain more information about their clubs and the duties that come with their positions. 

  According to president senior Curtis Lee, the communal aspects of the OAT day contributed to the positive environment. 

  “OAT day was very helpful in that it allowed smaller clubs and chapters to grow by teaching them the skills they need to [improve], which was great to see,” Lee said.    

 Additionally, historian junior Sally Pan believes the opportunities to interact with other branches of the club gave FBLA renewed motivation.

  “We see the success of other schools, which encourages us to do better in competitions. It inspires our club to implement new ideas as well as improve the ones that we have.” Pan said. “Everyone at OAT day was very passionate about FBLA and [we gained] new experiences and mindsets.”

  Moreover, club secretary sophomore Justin Huh believes that the learning opportunities that the training day provided will benefit FBLA and its members. 

  “Now that the cabinet fully understands how to perform their tasks, and our club is more informed about planning or preparing events, as well as holding meetings. We know how to run the club better, [which benefits] all members,” Huh said. 

  FBLA’s next event is Leadership Development Institute from Oct 8-9. 

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