FBLA and KIWINS join together for a community event

FBLA and KIWINS collaborated to host a community service event to make cards for pediatric hospitals on Feb. 18.

This event had members from both clubs create cards for patients and medical workers of the pediatric hospitals. With the cards that were sent out, cabinet members from both clubs intended to spread positive messages to the hospital will make their day a bit better.

According to KIWINS president junior, Serena Yang is looking forward to seeing members from both clubs participate in this fun and artistic event.

“I expected a successful event with the participation of both KIWIN’S and FBLA members and was excited to see everyone participating and channeling their artistic and creative side while making these cute cards!” Yang said.

Additionally, KIWINS secretary sophomore Max Lee hopes that, through this event, the two organizations are able to raise awareness for patients and medical workers in these troubling times.

“Through this event, we hope that both organizations are able to leave an impact on the community on a high school level. The hospitals are dealing with very stressful situations due to the pandemic, so we want to support them anyway [we can],” Lee said.

Furthermore, FBLA treasurer sophomore Sandra Pan to be able to do this event in person as it would be more fun and memorable, but due to the pandemic, they were unable to do so.

“This event would have been in person if it weren’t for the pandemic stuff we would have been able to get together. I was really looking forward to being able to do this with my fellow members in person,” Pan said.

FBLA will be holding a meeting on Mar. 4 and KIWINS will be holding a meeting on Feb. 23.

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