Fall sports rally recognizes varsity teams

Glen A. Wilson held its annual fall rally in the amphitheater presenting the school’s fall season sports. Boys’ football, girls’ volleyball, cross country, girls’ tennis, girls’ golf and boys’ waterpolo each had a moment to shine at lunch on Oct. 1.

Of the six sports that took to the stage last Friday, three-team captains were interviewed: boys’ football’s Joshua Beltran (12) kicked off the event, then cross country’s Gio Gudiel (12) and finally girls’ golf’s Angela Xu (11). They were interspersed with dances from the other three teams: first girls’ volleyball, then girls’ tennis and lastly boys’ waterpolo. Glen A. Wilson’s Associated Student Body (ASB) then closed the event with a game of limbo between each team’s captains.

According to ASB president senior Justin Huh, it was no small feat to organize the rally. He details his and his fellow ASB members’ efforts to put together such a fun event.

“Planning lunch rallies typically takes about one to two weeks,” Huh said. “Our preparation included contacting fall sports teams to see who wanted to perform, contacting fall sports team captains to see if they were available for interviews, and coming up with a creative script that showcased our fall sports teams with great excitement!”

As captain of the GAWHS girls’ volleyball team—one of the teams that agreed to dance at the event—senior Imani Lee also had to put in some extra work to get ready for the fall rally.

“I told Haisyl Ng, [who is on the dance team], our idea of having a boxing skit and a choo-choo train and she was able to bring my idea to the stage,” said Lee. “It took us a couple of weeks to practice the dance and we would spend our sixth period and any free time we had before our games to practice the dance.”

Lee also spoke about how she feels about the rally itself.

“I absolutely love playing the games during the rallies,” Lee said, “because not only do I enjoy seeing the captains come together to be recognized, but I also have a lot of fun participating!”

Lee’s excitement was conveyed throughout the crowd. Students from every grade pressed together in the stands to watch and support this year’s fall teams. Freshman Kelly Mei was one of the many excited students and gave her perspective on what the rally was like.

“The atmosphere of the rally was really hyped up and everyone was really happy and very excited to see the rally and so was I,” Mei said. “[It was] my favorite part. [I also enjoyed] the different sports that performed.”

ASB’s next upcoming event is the homecoming dance on Oct. 23.

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