Fall Rally Brings the Community Together


 Key Club attended its annual Fall Rally South at Six Flags on Nov. 10.

 Fall Rally is one of Key Club’s primary events, in which every Key Club division in California, Nevada and Hawaii meets to compete for a spirit trophy while raising money for the Pediatric Trauma Program.       

 According to president junior William Trang, Fall Rally is significant because of the division’s unity for a single cause.

 “It was very exciting for me [to see] all the people smiling and [sharing] one passion,” Trang said. “I almost cried after the event, because it was super exciting.”

 In addition, vice president senior Julie Yang believes that Fall Rally provides an opportunity to gain new friends.

 “[Fall Rally allows members] to meet other members of different positions, general members and even district officials,” Yang said. “[Key Club is] a really big family, and you bond with people that you would otherwise never meet.”

 Furthermore, member freshman Miranda Meng explains why Fall Rally exceeded her expectations.

 “I loved all the energy that I felt and saw through the crowds. I [did not] expect [Fall Rally] to be [this much] fun, and it was amazing,” Meng said.

 Key Club’s next event is God Provides Food Bank on Nov. 17.

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