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Fall Poetry Contest Winners!


First Place- Justin Diep (12)

The Horrors Halloween

Night falls, the moon glows

The temperature drops and the wind blows

All is silent all is eerily quiet

All doors tightly locked shut

It’s a dangerous night

For creatures awake filled with fright

Out of the dark awakes ghostly specters

With unrested souls of convicted murderers

from a full moon comes an eerie howl

from a wolfish face comes a deathly scowl

with fiery eyes and sharpened claws

this wolf man will hunt you with a feral cause

lightning strikes and the rain pours

From a jeweled coffin erupts a haunting roar

A hand with talons grasps up into the air

Rises a creature that you must beware

For vampires are impossible to outrun

Because if they find you, they have already won

An Egyptian priest’s entombment

As an eternal cursed punishment

Rises with hateful vengeance

And an undead rotting essence

Covered in layers of rotting linens

The mummy’s curse fully awakens

As midnight arrives

You struggle to survive

the undead come closer

and you’ve became paler

hearing cackling noises

you see chanting witches

commanding the dead

with eyes glowing red

You cover your face

And try to outrun the chase

As dawn nears

Gone are your fears

For they have disappeared

Never again to be feared

You’re relieved you survived

The horrors that arrived

But don’t celebrate this night

For next year, there will be more fright.

Why did you apply for the contest?

“A few months ago, I got into poetry and started writing a few pieces. I soon [improved], so I thought [the Fall Poetry Contest] was a good opportunity to share my talent with the school.”

What was your inspiration for this poem?

“I was inspired by movies and television shows about monsters, along with my perspective of monsters roaming on Earth on Halloween. It helped me [incorporate] these details [into] my poem.”

What was your reaction to the contest’s results?

“I feel great about [winning]! I did not expect to win, so when I heard about it, I was very surprised.”

What do you plan to do with your prize?

“I want to use the money to buy something for my friends, because they mean so much to me.”


Second Place- Alice Lu

Nightmare on All Hallows’ Eve

On All Hallows’ Eve,

Monsters and Ghosts roam the streets,

Brought to life by children’s beliefs.

Some will leave with a sweet treat,

But others will stay and haunt your dreams.


Third Place- Veronica J. Stanek

The Costume Game

Death inside is what I see

A vampire without fangs

Soulless, empty, shallow life

A sad one yes indeed

A pretty witch stands by my side

And yet, how can this be?

A face without warts, scars or marks of distaste

Yet she’s the ugliest witch I’d ever seen

The ghost is silent

Not a peep

He hasn’t much to say

The mummy is quiet

Resting in his tomb

Basking in the decay

The creatures around are strange, no doubt

And familiar all the same

Shifting, changing, shifting, changing

Their mask will always change

The witch will leave her broomstick home tomorrow

The mummy will ditch his tomb, his throne

The ghost will sulk and forget

That he ever was a ghost

But today is quite strange indeed

The costumes can show a lot, it seems

And yet I was the quirkiest one of all

The one who looked exactly the same

But I laugh now because I know

Everyone will dress up

Will continue on

Even though the fun has long been over

Their disguise will change

But their face will stay the same

I know, it’s hard to believe




Something about Halloween

Just makes me feel

Like I

Dressed up as me

Honorable Mentions:

-Halloween Whispers by Leslie Lin

-(Untitled) by Linette Yoon

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