Fall Dual Enrollment at Wilson Starts Again

Glen A. Wilson High School is once again partnering with Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) and providing Dual Enrollment (DE) classes starting this week.

The Dual Enrollment at GAWHS partners with Mt. SAC offers college courses taught by Mt. SAC professors, giving high school students a chance of earning college credit while in high school. GAWHS will be offering two classes, American Sign Language and Public Speaking, taught by Mt. SAC professors. The time for Sign Language is every Tuesday and Thursday, from 3:35 pm to 5:45 pm, taught by Yazmin Martin. On the other hand, Public Speaking is every Monday and Wednesday from 3:35 pm to 5:50 pm, taught by Tracy Bradshaw. 

Wilson school counselor Megan Jara who is also the coordinator for Dual Enrollment clarifies for students what dual enrollment is and what she hopes students learn from it. 

“Dual enrollment is a partnership with a community college and high school (in our case with Mt. SAC) to offer college courses on high school campuses that allows students to earn college credit while still in high school,” explained Jara. “DE also allows students to explore their interests and can be a resume booster for college applications.”

One of the classes, Public Speaking 101 is taught by Stacy Bradshaw who gave her insights into the class and what she hoped students would learn from the class.

“The Speech 101 class in public speaking is to meet the transfer requirements in order to go to college in the oral department,” said Bradshaw. “My goal for the course is for students to feel more confident and comfortable to acquire the skills needed.”

The second class offered, Sign Language 101, is taught by Yazmin Marin, who gave a quick overview of the class and shared her aspirations for the class. 

“With DE, students receive college credit and benefit their future as well as learn a new language. I want students to be able to sign and communicate with people in the community and can be a way to explore your interest in the field of interpreting,” said Marin. “I think learning sign language is a benefit for future employment and can provide resources and support with communication access in the future.”

DE classes started on Monday, August 25 and will go on for the next 16 weeks until the end of the fall semester.

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