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Organizations on campus lack much-needed attention

Estelle (Perspectives)

  From Journalism to football, our school offers a variety of extracurricular activities such as clubs, sports teams, performing arts groups, and many more.

  In many of these extracurriculars, student leaders and members commit many hours of work to insure the organization’s success. However, how much of these students’ work is truly recognized?   

  The truth is that, at least in our school, not many notable organizations are recognized for their hard work and their dedication. This unfortunate reality is seen in empty club meetings, unawareness of certain organizations at school, and discarded student-produced newspapers lying around.

  Consequently, non-recognition of distinguished organizations is no doubt detrimental to our school. Although it may not seem like a big deal, lack of respect towards student groups  implies that there is a lack of appreciation for the school entirely and outright lack of gratitude for the students who put in the time and the effort.

  Essentially, this is ironic for a school where strong school spirit is championed and expressed. The lack of acknowledgement for clubs and teams sets a contradictory tone in valued school pride.

  In part, ingratitude for extracurricular groups at school can be attributed to the imbalance of attention towards mainstream organizations on campus. Student leadership organizations at school tend to receive acknowledgement for their dedication and time. While this it definitely a positive factor, it is unfair as many other groups and clubs at school contribute the same amount of work for the school.

  Similarly, popular sports teams earn much attention and elicits many spectators during their games. However, some teams, such as golf, wrestling or badminton are hardly even heard of.

   Overall, these circumstances have a  negative effect on the students participating in these sometimes forgotten activities. Over time, the lack of appreciation will diminish the worth of not only the organization but the result students have worked hard to produce. As a result, many students will not have an enjoyable time participating in the activities because they do not feel like their work is worthy of being recognized.

  For example, in one of the clubs I had participated in, the number of members attending the club meetings seemed to dwindle week by week until only my friends and I were left. Eventually, due to the lack of even the president’s commitment and appreciation for the club, it was not re-established the following year.

  While these organizations do get recognized for their notable achievements, the club itself might still be under-appreciated or disrespected Nonetheless, in the end, every organization on school needs recognition for its work and contribution to the school in order for it to exist. To make sure that happens, there are several solutions.

  First, the organizations themselves need to realize their worth. Self-respect has  the potential to impact other people. Once the self-respect is in place, other people will begin to respect your group.

  Next, the staff, faculty and student leaders of organizations have to act too in order for the group’s worth to be accepted. The leader needs to respect every member for their devotion and commit more time if necessary. If even the adviser, coach or president does not much devote as much effort and appreciation than do the members to publicize, then they are not fit to be in that position.

  Ultimately, no matter which organization on school, every student toils and persists to improve and create diversity in the school through their respective groups. Thus, every official group on campus deserves recognition, whether for simply helping students through high school or for leading students in changing the school for better.

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