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Emma Eats: Raising Cane’s

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 Make room at the top McDonald’s, Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers has just reached Southern California.

 Raising Cane’s is SoCal’s newest fast food chain straight out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Despite being founded over ten years ago, Cane’s is still all the rage.

 Almost instantaneously, Raising Cane’s exploded all over social media; from Homecoming askings to memes, Cane’s captured the attention of thousands of adolescents  across the nation, myself included.

 Chicken fingers and crinkle-cut fries are surely nothing new to Southern California or the junk food industry, so I had to wonder: what made Raising Cane’s so special?

 Immediately when I walked in, the staff greeted me with a surprisingly cheerful, “Welcome to Raising Cane’s!” despite the length of the line of customers awaiting them.

 Unlike most fast food chains, one of the first things anyone will notice about Raising Cane’s is its family friendly and right-at-home atmosphere, created by their hospitable staff and unique decorum.

 However, a nice establishment does not always guarantee good food.

 As a first-timer, I knew I had to try Cane’s specialty: chicken fingers. The popular fast food chain serves up a minimalistic, straightforward menu composed of five combo options and various sides at surprisingly affordable prices, an essential element to any good fast food restaurant.

 For the reasonable price of $6.98 (excluding tax), you can get a “Box Combo” which includes four chicken fingers, fries, a side of coleslaw, a slice of Cane’s’ Texas Toast, Cane’s sauce and a 22oz. fountain drink. Quite the meal, the Box Combo is definitely worth the food coma that follows it.

 Although the chicken is considerably greasy, its taste easily outshines any prior complaints. Similarly, Cane’s original sauce and Texas Toast is one of the few carbs you can truly enjoy without feeling guilty.

 Already hooked? Never to fear, Raising Cane’s can be found in nine locations throughout SoCal, stretching from Aliso Viejo to Downey and in numerous other states around the country. For everyone whose “One Love” is junk food, Raising Cane’s is it.

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