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Emma Eats: Little Damage

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 Los Angeles’ hottest new ice cream shop does more than just a “Little Damage.”   

 Rather than following the super-food, sugary trend, Little Damage presents a new take on everyone’s favorite cold treat with its unique, ever-changing menu and originality.

 Little Damage’s signature Black Almond soft serve and activated-charcoal cone just about sums up everything Los Angeles is: unpredictable, expensive, diverse, unique, Instagram-worthy and even a little edgy. Perfect, right?

 Well, no. Unfortunately, Little Damage’s aesthetic charcoal soft serve actually tastes bitter, almost salty, and only lives up to its expected gothic appearance.

 Little Damage also offers other flavors like Matcha 420 and Unicorn Tears. Whereas Matcha 420 can almost be considered as a matcha flavored item, Unicorn Tears, a replica of the flavor of vanilla birthday cake, is only appealing looks-wise and tastes more like bland cream than anything else.

 Yet, Little Damage still costs $7 for a basic ice cream cone without toppings, which are the probably only thing that can help you finish the cone.

 Fortunately, there is an equally aesthetic and even better-tasting alternative. For the cheaper price of $5.50, you can enjoy a soft serve from the lesser-known The Pond Ice Cream.

 Its simple, cozy decor and quiet, accessible location in downtown Arcadia instantly makes you feel at home.

 Similarly to Little Damage, The Pond offers a wide variety of tasty, ever-changing flavors and a charcoal cone, as well as a swirl option of two flavors, one complimentary topping, a Pocky stick and a Goldfish cracker with every soft serve purchase. What more could you ask for?

 While, Little Damage’s motto may be “I licked it, so it’s mine!” licks are clearly not recommended. Better luck next time, LA, because clearly Arcadia is the place to be!

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