Ecobuds hosts upcycling event to raise environmental awareness

Ecobuds hosted a virtual upcycling event on their Instagram account to inspire participants to be more conscious about the environment from Dec. 25 to Feb. 7.

The event aims to promote sustainability by having students send in pictures of their upcycled items to Ecobuds’ social media account. There will be three winners for three separate categories, who will each receive an Ecobuds T-shirt along with $10 in cash.

According to Ecobuds president junior Jake Xie, the upcycling event inspires participants to take action and assist in alleviating the environmental issues that surround Earth.

“[The event] educates people on how they can protect the environment even when they are in [the comfort of] their homes. By reworking old items into new[er], more useful ones, [participants] can prevent extra waste from making its way into our landfills. Our [up cycling event] provides an opportunity to help out our cause and spread awareness [regarding the sustainability issues] we currently face,” Xie said.

As stated by Ecobuds treasurer junior Simone Yu, more effort had to be put into organizing the event since the online learning environment caused the appearance of many new challenges.

“With everything [currently] being digital, people are a lot less willing to go to virtual events since [the experience] is just not as fun. To bring more engagement to [our] events, we now [have to] reach out to people through text and hold more raffles as an incentive.,” Yu stated.

In the words of participant sophomore Felicity Yu, partaking in the event was another way for her to help make the Earth a better place for everyone.

“I really enjoyed being a part of this event since it made me more aware of the things I could do to help make a difference [in our world],” Yu said. “For my project, I upcycled a dress into a top and a book hat. [Through this, I realized] that there are still things you can do to make an impact on our planet, no matter how small your actions are.”

Ecobuds is hosting their next general meeting on Jan. 29.

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