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Eagles are victorious at 2018 Super Bowl

Eagles win

 On Feb. 4, a national holiday (AKA the Super Bowl) had people on the edge of their seats, eyes wide as they watched in anticipation.

 The Philadelphia Eagles emerged victorious against the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, tallying up a score of 41-33. Avid football fans were surprised by this outcome, because the Patriots have many notable players, such as Tom Brady, who is one of the best quarterbacks in the National Football League (NFL).

 The game was neck-and-neck; when the Patriots scored, the Eagles would quickly even it out and vice versa.

 In the first half of the game, many new records emerged from both teams. For instance, this was the first time two quarterbacks threw over 200 yards in the first half of the game, Brady threw 276 yards and Foles threw 215 yards. Additionally, Foles soon became the first quarterback to ever catch a touchdown pass in a Super Bowl.

 These new records quickly set the mood for the game as tensions rose high. In the second half of the game, Brady helped close the score between the two teams. He led a 10-play, 75-yard drive and completed all three of his passes for 61 yards, making the Patriots close in with a score of 29-26. Because they were catching up, the Patriots’ morale boosted and resulted in more enthralling plays.

 However, these efforts seemed futile as the Eagles gained more traction throughout the game.

 The Eagles’ defensive end, Brandon Graham, stripped the ball from Brady, who was leading a second drive. The other defensive end, Derek Barnett, recovered the ball, which pressured the Patriots to use their last remaining timeout. Placekicker Jake Elliott then kicked a 46-yard field goal that resulted in an 8 point lead, making the score 41-33. Soon, time ran out and the victorious team ended up being the underdogs: the Philadelphia Eagles.

 Despite the Eagles  losing their MVP-candidate starting quarterback and multiple other players to various injuries, they managed to persevere throughout the game. Rather, because of these losses, all the pressure and attention were on quarterback Nick Foles, who ordered a “Philly Special” trick play that allowed the Eagles to land a touchdown, leading to the Eagles’ victory.

 Nonetheless, Foles’ future is up in arms. He only received his position as starting quarterback because the Eagles’ previous one, Carson Wentz, had torn up his knee. This thereby raises the big question: why would the Eagles’ need two starting-caliber quarterbacks on their team? The Eagles can either keep Foles until their other starting quarterback returns, or they can trade him off while his value is at his highest.

 Many expect Foles to be traded to a team in desperate need of a starting quarterback once Carson makes his return and center the team around Wentz. Others believe that the Eagles will not be tempted by a big trade off, and instead keep Foles. However, Foles can always pull a fast one and declare retirement to close his career with a bang, although it seems very unlikely.

 All in all, while Foles’ future is uncertain, the Eagles finally have one Super Bowl. As for the Patriots? Well, they have next year.

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